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Angie Haggstrom

Hi Jess,

You are so right on the many points you make here. I have tried it both ways with my personal finances. I will admit that walking with your eyes wide open may be a lot more scary, but it definitely gives you better results.

In fact, what you say holds true in many aspects of life both professionally and personally.

Good Job!

Angie Haggstrom

Elizabeth Rosaikis

Someone forwarded your blog invite to me and I have to thank them! It was really nice to be reminded that we scare ourselves worth with not-knowing. Your post made me update my bookkeeping and now I am breathing much easier. Thanks!

Stacy Brice

"We cannot fix what we do not face." Man...SUCH good stuff, Jess. It resonates so deeply with me, and doesn't surprise me that if came from you. I want to thank you for helping me face much since we've become friends. :)


see how scary! 10 days to read about it!

and yes. you are right. face it already, chas!

Basic Bookkeeping Services

This is really very entertaining and though its a long read, its super worth it.Thanks a lot!

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