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Mark W. "Extra Crispy" Schumann

Jess, I don't know where you're going with this, or even who's driving, but I'll ride along with you.

Havi Brooks (and duck)

Wow. Fascinating. And I am so completely impressed by your ability to post something so stream-of-consciousness.

The more people there are modeling these internal debates and realizations out-loud, the more the rest of us get to have our own cool realizations and resolutions, so that's really helpful too.

Lots to think about. Thank you for this.

Christine Martell

So helpful in so many ways. I have been on a parallel course, avoiding my newsletter, not sure what to write where. Now I see I can just speak the truth about where I am, share both the clarity and the confusion. So many are in a time of deep redefinition and redirect, why would I think/worry about people thinking its strange?


Excellent. I look forward to where this goes. That coaching stuff sounds interesting. So I'm going to keep posted on this...

Karen Field

Fantastic post Jess. I think it makes perfect sense to bring all aspects of you into a whole. Thanks you for sharing your thoughts - it is scary but you'll always be helping your Right People (nod to Havi) by doing so.

Business and heart shouldn't be separate - now I just have to apply it to myself...!


Jess, Thank you for putting yourself, your heart, your wisdom out there. I believe there is a model where our personal and professional can co-exist, where our realness is what connects and interconnects us through all our domains. Hooray for putting this out there — I'll be reading to see what comes next.
Love and light,


Business + heart = success

WTG Jess ... loved reading this!

Keep being vulnerable and giving yourself for others to get to know ...


I don't know how many other clients you've shared yourself with the way you've shared yourself with me, but I've been and continue to be humbled and deeply touched by your stories...and hearing them hasn't made me doubt your professional abilities in the least. If anything, I'd say I trust you more--with me, and with my books (passwords and all!).

I think you probably have others like me already in your life, and as you blog, there will be even more of them that show up.

As I've learned with my own blog, and with being very vulnerable about this journey I'm on, more people are drawn to me, rather than feeling called to walk away.

I think we (a gross generalization, I realize) love people who are willing to be real, and share it all. I thank God that you're one of those people, and that I'm lucky enough to call you my friend. :)


Pauline Esson

Jess, I like it that you've decided to write about it in order to let it emerge and to let people get to know you during that process.

I've really enjoyed getting to know who you are rather than what you do in this post.
I'm never much interested in talking about the numbers so if you were writing about that (which as you say is 'what you do for them, not what you want to teach them to do'), I'd be glazing over.....this on the other hand, I find entirely absorbing and engaging.

I have a 'got to be resolved and neatly packaged before I share it', itis and seeing you so effectively share your process while it's in process here is illuminating and inspiring for me.
Gracias for that.


Jess - I think this is great. I too can't write unless it's personal and comes from a real place inside me. And because of some things going on in my life right now, I can't write from my emotional center. So I haven't been writing. I love your philosophy on life and I'm coming to that place myself - where there's no division between what is personal and what is professional. I wish you the best and I'll be following you on your journeys.

Sandra Trca-Black

Good for you, Jess!

I'm honored to have witnessed much of your journey over the past year, always believing that you have a truly special gift to share with the world.

I'm thrilled to see you stepping even more fully into that calling, and I know it will bring you good things.



With the way social media is... you should do fine getting back on track. You should though try to break up your thoughts and write shorter posts. It is something I have been hearing a lot from prominent bloggers. The last convention I went to was WordCamp Chicago and a lot of it was harnessing your blog as a tool. Some of the speakers were Liz Strauss, Jim Turner, and even Micah Baldwin. They were quite consistent with a lot of their points. I blogged about it on my site so you are welcome to peruse it and see what was learned and shared.

I wish you all the luck with your business, and your site. :)


Jess, I loved reading this, and also reading all the comments by the wonderufl people you have attracted aroundyour life and business.

The Business + Heart thing (I call it Soul + Business thing) is more than just one or two businesses... It's a movement!

And each time that any of us shows up being more true and more authentic in a business context, we give permission for others to do the same.

Other business people AND our clients.

And what a blessing that is. Now we start to discover the true wealth... The real pot of gold, at the end (and the beginning) of the business rainbow!

Thank you so much for your sharing, Yollana

Mark Silver

Dear, sweet Jessica

You have been on such an amazing journey these past couple of years, and I've been so moved at the grace you've had even in the midst of the mess, even when it didn't seem graceful.

I'm so glad that this is emerging for you, and I'm especially glad that someone with such a deep sense of your own heart is in love with numbers! Numbers are from the Divine, too, and business owners could use to have more love with the numbers.

It's really inspiring, too, to get a peak into what's going on inside you. I'm having some interesting journeys myself as Heart of Business grows and changes, and it's been a rocky, but fulfilling, road, too. As soon as I catch my breath, I'm sure I'll be posting something similar. :)

You rock! Love and love and love


Wow! Many feelings, few words to express them...

I'll just add to the chorus (it seems) of "Me, too!" responses.

You are sooo NOT alone in that space of neglected blogs and ezines and websites; of not knowing what to write; of being in confusion about "what the heck am I DOING here, anyway?"; and of trusting that the answer, the direction, will emerge, is being revealed, is being created.

Dear Jess, your sharing, your openness, has touched my core; this post -- the YOU in it -- encourage me, like you, to not give up, to trust the process. Maybe even to write something?

Tender, heartfelt AmpleThanks,


Hi, Jess - I just saw your post now. I (like so many!) am going through something similar - My sense of how I want to work has changed/expanded to something new - what I used to write about no longer compels me - and so I've been paralyzed and haven't written my newsletter for many months now.

I keep thinking of going the blogging route, because I do like to write, and I do like the softer, chattier focus (as compared to a newsletter) and the give and take of blogging.

AND I have almost the exact same reasons/excuses you name for not getting started with actually doing it.

So this is VERY inspiring: You ARE doing it!

A virtual hug and warm regards to you...

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