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You're so beautiful :)

And so is your manifesto--which, minus the daughters piece, I so completely get, and feel like I could have written.

So I join you in this undertaking--both as witness to your journey, and liver of my own.

It will be great fun to experience this together, and to see where each of us ends up!

Briana Ramsey

I sit here with tears in my eyes reading your words.

You sang the song of my soul--as I am right now, have been for a while, but didn't have the words to express.

I am on the same journey. I am in transition. My own little chrysalis.

For the first time in my life I am accepting the duality of who I am and not making any apologies for her.

I am both fearful and excited about where this journey will take me, and am thankful that I am not alone.

I look forward to witnessing your journey as well.

Thank you for being so bold and courageous.


that last comment really did it for me "I am committed to living this without knowing how".

wow. that's bravery. and that is what we all must do...set the intention and step out, knowing that whatever we need to know will come.

wonderfully inspiring post.


You might be interested in this: http://www.paulgraham.com/makersschedule.html
I talk about how it relates to me on my blog (Makers and Managers post).

PS I didn't realize until now that you had a blog on youer website!

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