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How ironic -- and deliciously perfect -- that your Mom's unexpected diagnosis and your owning your healer-ness show up in the same blog post.

My spirit is dancing a happy jig for your claiming and stepping into She Who You Really Are.


So much of your post speaks exactly to how I & my biz are evolving. OK & necessary to be real. Right people will show up. Process of healing opens up healer-ness. Business is healing, healing is business, the world calls for our unique services. Though I'm a few steps behind you, there's a sisterhood of the journey that inspires, encourages, celebrates.

Joyful AmpleThanks,

Char Brooks

Wow - Jessica.

You have had such powerful revelations here. I love what you said about not needing to struggle to learn lessons - how that assumption that lessons only can come through struggling just isn't true.
Thank you so much for shedding light on my own inner processes through putting words on your experiences.

And how interesting, as Anne said, that your Mom's diagnosis of lupus was right on the heels of you discovering your inner healer that you can also share with the world and your right people.

My wish for you is that your right people gather round you to experience your brilliance and compassionn.


Lynne Tolk

Hi Jess,

We haven't really met, but I've seen you around in my tentative forays into Twitterdom so I already felt a connection. Now I know there is a kinship. There is this tribe, to which I also belong, though I've been afraid to claim that.

So much you have written here, courageously and vulnerably, resonates with my own life.
(Interestingly, we just found out two days ago that my dad's prostate cancer has spread to his bones. I'm still working on processing that news.)

This healing/growing/learning thing has been going on in my life for many years, now. I don't expect it to ever end. It's just the way the world works and I'm happy I can accept this blessing consciously, and know that it is a blessing.

Thanks for your post.


Christine Martell

I'm thrilled my little tweet could be a keystone for your realization. Healers recognize each other, and it was so clear to me that you are one of us the first time our paths crossed.

I do hope you find resources and support for the journey with lupus. I am continually inspired by Maria @mlwt_lupus , for how she walks with lupus,and lives along side of it.

It will be wonderful to watch how you infuse your knowingness into your offers. It's already coming through to those of us who recognize the clues :)


Jess, oh my, how I love the raw power and ownership of your light and gifts in this post. just beyond words to witness you in discovering/recovering/claiming that part of yourself that you are — writer/healer/tribeswoman. I love that you sharing your voice – you also heal with words, you know. And I love that you are following your heart.
Enjoy your trip to Seattle and all that is unfolding for you!
Much love,
(who is for some reason dealing with a suspended Twitter account — so I'm offline there until it's sorted out!)

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